Open letter to the Prime Minister – Pravind Kumar Jugnauth

23 April 2021


I understand, the  Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) falls under the purview of the Prime Minsiter’s Office ( PMO). Thereby the reason you are being addressed this letter which relates to the Consultation Paper on proposed amendments to the ICT Act for regulating the use and addressing the abuse and misuse of Social Media in Mauritius, released on 14th April 2021 with closing date fixed for May 5th 2021.

In case you are not aware , life of our countrymen has lately  been impacted by multipronged assaults, wiping off years of hard work, plunging them in a pitch dark present with  no whatsoever visibility on the future.  I am sure you would agree, no sound minded person would in such time of utter chaos, engage in creating further turmoil, inflicting greater pain to people already grounded and licking their wounds.

However the ambit of this letter is to draw your attention to violation of fundamental principles of democracy by ICTA, your government and yourself . Allow me to remind you that back in 2018, under your prime ministership amendments were made to the ICT Act in a stealthy manner. We have been prime witnesses to the abuse of the new laws under your government  and double standards applied by enforcement agencies.

As you embark to FURTHER regulate Social & Digital Media, which your own document affirms, would infringe on our fundamental & constitutional rights and intrude in our privacy, allow me to remind you of an important fact – You do not hold the mandate to bring about such changes. This initiative was never canvassed during last electoral campaign, nor did it feature in your party manifest.  Furthermore, the  process of floating a public consultation during a period of confinement, using a shady document, does offer a clear idea of the modus ahead and your intent.

Obviously, we do not share the same definition of democracy, let alone republicanism. Still, I would appeal to you, to call off the ongoing exercise. Or at the worse, be a decent player and extend the consultation till 1st January 2022.

Anyway, let it be known we will resist.

Rajen Valayden


Platform Anti Diktatir

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