Greenpeace reaction to Biden decision to halt approvals of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Amsterdam, Netherlands – In response to Biden decision to halt approvals of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports which will impact LNG projects including CP2, Carmen Gravatt, International Program Director, Greenpeace International, said:

“We’re pleased to see the U.S. give a lifeline to the climate by making this sensible decision to halt all new LNG export approvals, which will affect infrastructure projects like the CP2 carbon bomb. If the US is serious about honoring its commitments under the Paris agreement, this pause needs to become permanent. Global climate bodies have long been warning us that if we want to achieve net zero by 2050 and secure a peaceful and livable planet we must stop new oil and gas.

Despite what the industry might have you believe, LNG is dirty polluting fossil fuel that is contributing to the climate emergency – our biggest existential threat – and it needs to be stopped. LNG is not a transition fuel, and the US does not need new gas production facilities, LNG terminals and exports, and importing geographies like the EU don’t need its gas. The best way to secure a safe global energy system, and avert the climate crisis, is to supercharge the rollout of renewables like solar and wind and increase efforts at demand reduction and energy efficiency.”



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