Greenpeace Response to OPEC Letter at COP28

Dubai, UAE – In response to OPEC’s letter to its members, Shady Khalil, Campaigns Lead, Greenpeace MENA, said: “We are deeply outraged by OPEC’s desperate and self-serving call for its members to reject any action at COP28 against fossil fuels. This deliberate attempt by the oil and gas industry to obstruct pivotal climate action shows they are feeling the heat, as the negotiations move towards a fossil fuel phaseout. We strongly urge oil-producing countries, including Saudi Arabia, to embrace the goal set by UAE COP Presidency and IEA to reduce fossil fuels this decade to meet 1.5°C, and to work together to make this summit an historic milestone. When millions of people in the MENA region face the escalating impacts of climate disaster, it’s imperative that Arab countries at COP28 prioritise the safety and well-being of their people over short-term industry interests.”



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