Greenpeace response to latest global stocktake text

Dubai, UAE – In response to the latest text of the Global Stocktake Kaisa Kosonen, Head of the Greenpeace COP28 delegation said: 

“It’s a dog’s dinner! If this is all we get from COP28, then this conference was a failure.

Acting in line with science doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Phasing out fossil fuels is not a choice anymore! 

The text has a menu of things countries might choose to do or not to accelerate the energy transition.  While reducing both consumption and production of fossil fuels to achieve net zero around 2050 is there too, it’s only one of the many options that countries could act on or not.

This doesn’t capture the historical momentum we’ve witnessed over the past couple of weeks. It’s written in the interest of the fossil fuel industry and not for the people, communities and all life on Earth that needs urgent action the most.

This leaves the door open to a host of false solutions that will benefit the oil, gas and coal industries instead of providing a safe, fair and equitable future for all of us.”



Gaby Flores, [email protected], +1 214 454 3871 

Greenpeace International Press Desk: [email protected], +31 (0) 20 718 2470 (available 24 hours)

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