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September was a very eventful month: we’ve seen streets fill up in various places to march to end fossil fuels, people-power showing up in solidarity with imprisoned climate activists, and much more.

At, the energy is buzzing as we gear up for Power Up in November. We are inviting everyone to come with us and show decision-makers that the money for funding just climate solutions is there – we just need to put it in the right place! Activists, volunteers, local groups are getting together to put their creativity in action and organise events – and we want to see more actions happening where you are, too! Join us!

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600 actions to End Fossil Fuels

On September 15 and 16, people in 60 countries took to the streets to demand an end to fossil fuels and a transition to renewable energy that powers up people, communities, and nature. The great energy coming from over 600 actions spilled over the New York Climate Week, which started on September 17.

In New York, more than 600,000 people came together under the slogan END FOSSIL FUELS! A just transition to renewable energy needs to happen fast, and we’re making it impossible to ignore!

March to end fossil fuels, NYC Climate Week, 2023. Photo-credit: 350.ORG

G20 to triple renewable energy

On September 9-10, the leaders of G20 countries met in India for another round of talks and – surprisingly! – this time they came out of it with some promising outcomes for the greener future we all want.

They announced not only to triple renewable energy capacity globally by 2030. But also committed to take further steps to reform the inadequate financial system. As refreshing as this news is, it still falls short of what we need to hear from them. We need them to set major climate goals, including the complete phase out of fossil fuels.

The richest countries that make up part of the G20 need to take their responsibility to provide the support needed to meet renewable energy investments. Our job now is to hold them accountable and continue to put pressure to ensure more is done!

Hong’s 100th day of unjust detention

September 8th marked the 100th day of the unjust imprisonment of our dear fellow activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong in Vietnam. And this week, she will go to trial.

If you remember, we previously explained how she and 4 other prominent people in Vietnam were wrongfully targeted and imprisoned. Without courageous people like them, progress for the environment in Vietnam wouldn’t be possible.

At we are not giving up on her and all climate defenders. To continue on this path to show solidarity, we and other partners held a webinar during NYC Climate Week with the intention to bring awareness to a broad mainstream audience. We are taking all possible opportunities to ensure that climate justice prevails and all voices are heard. Will you stand with us?


Standoff – Climate Protesters & Standard Bank South Africa

Climate activists set up camp outside the Standard Bank Headquarters in Rosebank, Johannesburg for three days. What was meant to be a peaceful protest from our comrades from the StopEACOP Coalition turned ugly as the bank’s security violently confronted the climate protesters.

What we need to remember is that this company is one of the three financial advisors involved in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project. They’re planning to start building it in 2025, and it’s going to stretch a whopping 1,400 kilometers all the way from Uganda to Tanzania. They’re saying it’s a $4-billion investment for East Africa, but if history has taught and shown us anything, these pipelines drastically affect the communities, nature, and the climate.

We must amplify the call for banks to end financing fossil fuel projects, and for our right to protest to be respected!

DAILY MAVERICK: Climate protests at the Standard Bank offices in Johannesburg. (Photo: Julia Evans)

One to Watch

September has been rough and devastating for places like Libya, Hong Kong, Greece, Canada and Brazil. Extreme rainfalls left hundreds dead and thousands displaced after unprecedented flash flooding transformed city streets into raging rivers, and intense wildfires and record-breaking heatwaves have put uncountable people under stress.

How are locations so far away from each other experiencing such extreme weather events at the same time? The answer, FOSSIL FUELS! The root of all this trouble is our continued reliance on coal, oil and gas – which fuels the climate crisis and is hitting the most vulnerable communities the hardest.

It’s crucial that those responsible for this mess start footing the bill for #LossAndDamage, and we need to pressure our governments to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Use Your Power

As you know, on November 3-4, just prior to COP28, a global movement is forming to encourage governments to invest in community-based renewable sources, steering away from fossil fuels. It’s global Power Up!

Our friends in Kenya are organising impactful actions that will highlight their culture and demand the cancelation of a coal-fired power plant. Meanwhile, people in Asia are getting together at the ‘Group Chat’, with actions planned in Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Taiwan, Pakistan. And in the UK, supporters are targeting their Member of Parliament (MPs) with petitions for a Green New Deal, and taking the action to the offices. The plans are set and we are taking up space.

Whether you’re a seasoned climate activist or a new joiner, Power Up will have an action for you! And if there aren’t yet events organised near you… why don’t you start one?


You might be considering hosting or joining a Power Up action but unsure how to go about it effectively.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our team has made sure you are well-prepared and equipped for your event, with content which can be incredibly helpful in connecting the dots and hyping up people for some action. We provide a range of resources, including step-by-step guides, promotional material like visual guidelines, logos and fact sheets.


Quote of the month

“The climate fight is broad and diverse, from those fighting to phase out ALL fossil fuels, to all the communities working to build real climate solutions that put people over profit – and together, we can build a better future.”

— May Boeve, executive Director at the Climate Week NYC 2023

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