Earth Month Spotlight: Canada fighting for a Just Transition

By Amara’s Canada Team Lead.





Earth Day is around the corner and here at, we’re taking the whole month of April as an opportunity to spotlight the powerful work the climate movement is doing worldwide. This year, the focus is on advancing climate justice and real solutions to the climate crisis, with a call for governments, decision makers and society in general to #InvestInOurCommunities.

In Canada, we’ve always believed in the power of people to drive change. That’s why we work closely with communities and local partners at every stage of our campaigns – from brainstorming, to planning, execution and – of course – celebration! Sometimes, we lead the campaigns and actions. And sometimes we offer our support with logistics, media and social media amplification, training, resources and funding.

One of our most important collective efforts is the campaign to ensure that our federal government keeps its promise to deliver a just transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. In the 3 years since Prime Minister Trudeau first promised a just transition, we have kept the pressure up – and in February 2023 the government finally delivered the Sustainable Jobs Plan.

For now, that’s indeed just what it is: a plan. We’ll need to push hard over the coming months for our government to back up this plan with bold legislation and historic green investments. And we will need your help!

The path so far has been long, but it was smoother because we walked it together. In the last few years, thousands of activists joined us and our allies, online and in the streets, to make sure the Trudeau government knew the just transition was a promise they couldn’t break.

Rueben George from Tsleil Waututh Nation offers opening remarks at a “Press Conference from the Future” in Vancouver during the Day of Action for a Just Transition.

Rueben George from Tsleil Waututh Nation offers opening remarks at a “Press Conference from the Future” in Vancouver during the Day of Action for a Just Transition.


Since 2021, a wide network of local 350 chapters, climate justice groups and communities created a powerful and sustained wave of pressure. From Halifax to Vancouver and St. John’s to Yellowknife, people mobilized to email their representatives, make phone calls, file submissions to public consultations, and join marches, rallies and creative actions like flooding the Prime Minister’s office with green job applications.

One year ago, more than 50 communities across the country came together and brought our vision for a world beyond fossil fuels to life. In Vancouver, organizers held a press conference from the year 2025, where officials from a near-future climate emergency coalition gave updates on Canada’s progress toward climate justice.

In his opening words at that event, Rueben George from Tsleil-Waututh Nation nicely summed up the power of a national day of action dedicated to envisioning the better future we know is within our reach: “Our imagination is a powerful force. It powers our struggle against ongoing colonialism, against the theft of our lands. And it helps us remember, and tell a different story.”

We’re proud to be part of the people-powered struggle for climate justice. Our pressure is working, but Big Oil is determined to protect their profits and block real climate action. The fight is far from over and with your help, we can win!

Help 350 support the climate movement, in Canada and everywhere!

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