Cheick Ladji Traore

The Global Power Shift has sharpened my activism for social Justice and also the use of digital approach to reach our goal.

Apart from being CEO Founder of NGO 350 Côte d’Ivoire, I’m also an Ocean Expert of UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, an IVLP 2018 alumni (Sustainable Growth and Renewable Energy – Us), Certified Climate Educator of Climate Action Academy, COP27 observer party (for and I am proud to be an Island Innovation Ambassador 2023 representing Côte d’Ivoire. 

Climate change is happening.
Climate change is affecting us.
Climate change is a reality, and we must act for ourselves and the future generation to live in a better and sustainable world, plastic pollution is even worse.


Since 2010, we have engaged with youth at the local (schools, universities, CSOs), regional (Afrika Vuka, 350 Africa) and international (, Don’t Gas Africa, ACN, Power Shift Africa, Urgewald) with other organizations to fight against climate change through climate action on the ground, with activities such as beach cleaning and promotion of environmental education, recycling, floating schools project, agroecology and composting; by participating/organizing conferences, digital campaigns on just transition.

Just transition. A shift from fossil fuels to renewables, while resilience and innovative/sustainable approaches/ideas are the new norms.


The next generation needs to be educated and involved in this process. Environmental education through STEAM activities could be a solution. Also the use of renewable energy to avoid the destruction of our soils and promote green jobs. Teaching and promoting circular economy and green initiatives. We need collaborations, actions and solutions now.

Plastic Facts:

0- Plastic is fantastic, plastic is dramatic.
1- Plastic comes from fossil fuels.
2- Plastic is polluting and killing us, our environment and at least 400 years (min).
3- Plastic can be recycled.

The ocean is a place of peace and harmony, disturbed by ocean and plastic pollution. Recycling should not only be done at home. It should also be done at the office, at the bus stop, near the coast, in public places. Recycling should be part of the corporate culture.


Video from 350 CÔTE D’IVOIRE about their campaign to stop the San Pedro coal power plant:

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