Paille en Queue dire moi kot mone fauter???

I am V.
I have been proudly working for Mk for the past 25 years.The last 12 months have been the worst nightmare of my life….morally, financially, pure torture….
Today I still dont know where I stand!
Do I still have a job?
Am I on ‘chomage technique’?
What will happen to me and my future in Mk ?
Will Mk still exist?
My whole life revolves around Mk, my livelihood depends on the company, therefore , providing me an answer will certainly ease away so much of my stress,accumulating heavily since the beginning of Administration.
There is no consideration for me as a human being, I am being treated as a number on a balance sheet…. and the aim is to cut cost at no matter what the cost…
In the process , my life has gone upside down…
Operation ‘zoli tifi’ pa pou moi….
I am a single parent with the responsibility of a 6 year old daughter.
Without any ‘preavis’ I have been forced on Leave Without Pay for 4 months on 6 months…..
Meaning I got only 2 months salary on 6 months.
Is this fairness?
Looking at other employees in Mk , i find many being paid their full salary, on the basis of them being selected by Administrators as ‘essential’ for the running of Mk.
Some have been forced to retire, but then, reinstated on a contract basis on full time !
Meaning full pension and full salary at the end of the month…
La chance lichien pa la chance chat malheureusement..
Am I not essential as a frontliner?
I am the one who face the virus on flights, braving all the risks to me and my family, flying to covid infected countries to bring stranded Mauritians back home safely,travelling 27 hours consecutively to bring medical equipments ( masks/ppe) from china…
Brought vaccines from India…
Now I will bring vaccines from China for my fellow citizens….
All this on Air Mauritius not other airlines….
Kifer lamain trembler pou injecter l’argent dans nou fierter national??
Dans 50 ans l’existence,zamer fine bisin donne li ene sous….
Zordi compani la ek so dimounes a genou acoz covid to mange pistache to get cinema??
Why then, when I unflinchingly do my duty for the benefit of the whole population Of Mauritius , am I treated so unfavourably?
I have to self isolate at my own expenses in my own home!If I can not do so, I am set aside.
It is not considered a work duty so I am not paid for it….getting another job while in self isolation for 7days is not possible.
Why do I feel there is discrimination towards me?
Why is it that only Mk workers are exempted from all protection that the WRAct provide to workers?
Mo pa p demane chariter, mo p demane retourne moi mo digniter
Retourne moi mo digniter couma ene fam independante,
couma ene mama, couma ene travailleur ek couma ene citoyen de Moris.
Paille en Queue dire moi Cot mone fauter?
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