Solidarity vigils for Australia’s bushfire victims

Our hearts are heavy.

Australia is burning, and it’s hard to comprehend the irreversible devastation and destruction that will follow.

We send our love to everyone who has felt the impacts of these fossil-fuelled fires and toxic air quality.

Millions of people have been standing in solidarity with communities on the frontline, brave firefighters have rushed into danger for countless hours to protect homes and ecosystems, and there has been an outpouring of financial support for relief services where governments have failed. We are in awe of the outpouring of love and generosity that communities have shown in the face of this crisis.

And this Friday, solidarity actions led by school strikers and communities will continue.

Across Australia, you can find vigils happening in Melbourne, Ulverstone, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth.

Host a vigil in your city

In 2020 we need to channel this love, generosity and energy to focus not just on the impacts of the climate crisis, but also on replacing those responsible. There are a handful of corporations who profit from this crisis, who pay corporate lobbyists to undermine action on climate breakdown, and together, we’re going to take them down.

When you’re feeling devastated by the impacts of climate change, there’s no greater way to regain hope than taking collective action. The friends you make, the skills you learn and the impact you have will make you feel supported and powerful, when governments and corporations try and make you feel otherwise.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find out where your nearest Australian embassy is (here’s a list).
  2. Get your community together and create a Facebook event or WhatsApp group to share updates.
  3. Decide what you’ll do at the vigil. Chant and make a noise for climate justice, prepare short speeches, create art (here are some resources to get started), or host a moment of candlelit silence (if safe to do so where you are; check your local government’s fire ban alerts) for everybody affected by this climate emergency.
  4. Send us your pictures and share them online using #ListenToThem to help amplify your message with the world!

Looking for some inspiration? This short guide on using artistic vigils as a protest tactic can help.

How else can you help?

You can also donate to help with the immediate bushfire relief efforts for local communities:

Red Cross

Fire Sticks Alliance

WIRES Wildlife Rescue


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