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Your Story Matters

Everyone has the power to tell their own story. Stories have the capacity to build relationships and empathy between groups of people. Stories have the ability to compel people to act and stay involved. They hit people in the heart and help take situations beyond a headline or a fact, turning it into something that remains. Especially in the face of the climate crisis, we need storytellers around the world to communicate their realities, their victories, and their hopes. If we can inspire our communities to look, see, hear – really take in and document what’s happening around them – then we can engage even more people to continue to call for the change we need.

In order to create meaningful and long-lasting climate action, we must tell complete climate stories. Not just about disasters and mass marches, but also about resilience and everyday acts of courage.

Thankfully with the growth of digital tools like smart phones, it’s easier than ever to be a storyteller. You don’t need a fancy camera or laptop to be a digital storyteller. The tips and tactics we’ll share will be useful for anyone with a smartphone and a data plan. Feel free though to use whatever tools that you have access to on a regular basis.

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