Nepli Rass kouyon

Enn bann komik pe kass disik
Rode fer foser pass pou sover
Touni  Zanlwi
Gran nwar Ecroignard
Ape krwar mazanbik enn bann bourik
Bann tret ape fer fet
Nou maler ape fer zot boner
Pran pitay pou fer marday

Lor nou ledo zot pe mont sato
Roul bel bel loto
Pass vakans lor bato
Nou zenfan tas lor poto
Dan robine pena dilo
Nou lavi anbalao
Pou gagne boulot
Pe bizin chato

Gregoire pe rod laglwar
Veder pe pass diber
Leeshim pe zwe fim
Ton loyo pe fer cholo
Edley pe vey seke
Ar kreol zot pe bat lakol
Pe panse kreol mank rol
Nou lakaz kapav an tol
Mai nou finn sarye pei lor nou zepol

Sak kou zot sanz kazak
Zot kasiet dan fatak
Zot dir nou atak
Lor nou ledo zot mont dadak
Zot pran zot pou bann jak
Ek nou bann gajak
Zour nou desann an vrak
Zot pou grene couma zanbalak
Sa mem pou zot klak

Zot koumadir tazar
Gramatin tanto pas razwar
Krwar kreol gagn dan lafwar
Pou aste nou ar bwar
Wadir nou bann lantonwar
Seki zot dir nou pou krwar
Pran nou pou paswar
Zis la pou ranpli zot tirwar
Yer ti demon
Zordi ape partaz bonbon
Nou lapo kapav kouler zanblon
Mai nou leker li bon
Fer bien atansion
Napa pran nou pou kouyon
Nou konn bez kout baton



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One Comment

  • Kopi email anvoye le 22 septam a Pravind Jugnauth, Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger, Xavier Duval ek Alan Ganoo.

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Restoration of the Dignity of the Creole Community & Full Inclusion of Outer-islanders.

    As you are undoubtedly fully aware of, the Constitution of our Democratic Republic does not recognize the existence of the Creole Community as such but, instead stuff it into the catch-all “General Population”, a degrading remnant of our colonial past. We, therefore, consider it just, legitimate and of optimum importance that, after centuries of continued stigmatisation against our community, the needful be done by the present National Assembly to establish, once and for all, the constitutional recognition of the Creole Community and the full levelling of outer-islanders with all citizens of our republic, and to do so, before its dissolution.

    For this purpose, we firmly request that;

    1. the degrading catch-all “General Population” be deleted and replaced by the Creole Community and the White community by amending Section 3 (4) of the first Annex (Article 31 (2) of the Constitution) so that it reads as follows;

    “For the purpose of this Annex, the population of Mauritius shall be considered to include a Creole Community, a Hindu Community, a Muslim Community, a Sino-Mauritian Community and a White community. The Creole Community being Mauritian citizens of;

    (a) African ancestry, and

    (b) Mixed African and other ancestries,

    (c) Indian origin but whose ancestors were already Christians when they came to Mauritius before 1968, and

    The White Community being the citizens of European origin”.

    2. the Creole language be allowed in National Assembly by amending Article 49 of the Constitution so that it reads as follows;

    “The official language in the National Assembly shall be English, but members may address the chair in Creole or French”.

    3. the legitimate right to send 3 members to the National Assembly be extended to the People of Rodrigues, as is the case for all constituencies of the Republic, many of which, consist of a smaller population than that of Rodrigues.

    4. a 22nd constituency be created and consisting of the Chagos Archipelago, Agaléga and Saint Brandon so that these citizens may be represented in the National Assembly by at least 2 members of their own people and that the needful be done for Chagossians living in UK and Seychelles to vote.

    Before and after independence, all political leaders and all politicians, without any exception, have been officially, unequivocally and repeatedly telling the People that they all really care for the Creole Community as they do for all other communities of our multicultural democracy. We therefore, fully trust that there should not be any real obstacle to pay justice to the Creole Community before the dissolution of the present Assembly. Any failure to do so, would be interpreted as a denial of justice to and a deep and guilty contempt for the Creole Community

    We thank you and trust you would do the needful.

    Yours faithfully,

    Flo Juste
    Leader of Liberté Sans Frontière.

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