The Bonieux conundrum

In an affidavit sworn on 20th September 2019, a former cadre of BAI  makes astonishing revelations on the sequence of events leading to the expropriation of the BAI group. The cadre affirms he has been a privilege witness to the events listed in the affidavit. Here are a few extracts which the main stream media keeps avoiding over & over again.

  1. On 30 March 2015, at around 600pm Messrs Rajanah, Taher et Sookdawoor and I went to see Minister Bhadain at his office at 13th floor, Sicom Tower. Were present there the Minister, Akilesh Deerpalsing, Faadeel Ramjanally, Benito Elisa, Advisers to Miniter Bhadain, late Mr Nemchand DPS of Minister Bhadain, Mrs Clairette Ah Hen et Mr Rajesh Ramloll CEO et Chairman of the FSC respectively, as well as Mr Ramprakash Nowbuth, Chairman of Sicom and PS of Minister Bhadain.
  2. During the meeting Mr Sookdawoor asked to be allowed to inject money for BA Insurance into BBCL. It is to be noted that Akilesh Deerpalsing and Minister Bhadain were busy scrutinising the accounts of BAI Group. They were asking many questions mainly to Mr. Sookdawoor. For the first time I understood fully that the liquidity issues of BBCL were due to the fact that many parastatal bodies had made massive withdrawals quite recently.
  3. One of the questions that was asked was about an alleged loan or bank guarantee that had been granted to the ex-Prime Minister for the acquisition of his bungalow. The Minister kept telling all present “come clean, zot ena ene sel chance, dir tou asterla mem sinon don’t tell me that I have not given you this chance”.

But the most intriguing part of the affidavit is about the role played by André Bonieux of PWC and currently CEO of ALTEO. the former cadre  states :

  1. I called Minister Bhadain immediately and reproached him that we had been doing everything they were saying and yet before Mr Rawat had had time to sign the letter the banking licence of BBCL had already been revoked. The Minister called us immediately to his office.
  2. Well after 1:00am in Minister Bhadain’s office we saw Mr. Sunil Benimadhu, Mrs Clairette Ah Hen, Messrs Rajesh Ramloll, Andre Bonieux, Mushtaq Oosman, Akilesh Deerpalsing and Dev Manraj inside. Mr Bonieux was busy making a presentation on the dismantling and sale of the BAI group on a white board. Mr. Taher protested and said there was really no need to do all that as there was no problem with BAI. There were ongoing discussions after Andre Bonieux’s hand written presentation on the white board, the others moved to the minister’s office [except Mr. Benimadhu/Mrs. Clairette Ah-hen/Mr. Ramloll/MR. Faadeel Ramjanally and myself as we were sitting in the separate board room next to minister office] the others were speaking privately for long periods of time, I do not know the content of what they discussed.

“Mr Bonieux was busy making a presentation on the dismantling and sale of the BAI group on a white board” Unless André Bonieux is an avatar of some unknown God or he was pivotal in the expropriation of the BAI, there was no way he could carry out any presentation whatsoever,  minutes following his appointment. Which leads us to other questions. How was the choice of PWC made? Did   André Bonieux disclose the fact that he had been involved in weird queries about BAI since months before? Did he uphold his role as an administrator? Whose interest was  André Bonieux serving ?

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