350.org – Canines of Climate Strike

This year has been monumental for the climate movement. In September, the Global Climate Strikes became one of the largest coordinated global protests in History. From crowded demonstrations in the streets to digital blackouts and actions at political meetings, the Global Climate Strike gathered over 7 million people calling for climate justice

Alongside the chants, the demands and the brilliant signs, a furry hero could be found out on the streets in many cities striking for climate. Here are some of our favourite shots dogs on Climate Strike.

A climate striker’s best friend
Asking the important questions
Fossils belong in the museum
Winter is NOT coming
Pups want an end to fossil fuel subsidies
Respect your mother
Everything is not fine.


The momentum from the global climate strike has continued on to inspire so many more people-powered wins against the fossil fuel industry. Every striker and their dog played an important part in making the demands for climate justice heard, but the fight isn’t over. Find out how you can get involved here.

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