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In the same month as the global average temperature went over 2ºC of heating for the first time, world leaders are preparing to get together for another round of the UN Climate Talks to hash out strategies and agreements. COP28 happens in Dubai and starts this week, on November 30th. Last week, though, scientists sounded the alarm – with the current pledges and goals, we’re on track for exceeding 3ºC of heating soon. Our movement will, of course, be at COP28 to remind them that the time for words is over: we need urgent, real and ambitious action.

As we gear up for COP28, throughout November we’ve been seeing people around the world orqanizing beautiful and powerful Power Up” actions – calling for an immediate phase out of coal, oil and gas and for governments to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. We strategically timed these actions throughout the month, keeping the buzz alive and kicking – and actions will keep happening in Dubai and other parts of the world during the next two weeks!

To add to that, we have a trump card. We’re walking into COP equipped with a game-changing global renewable energy report. This report isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a roadmap for a just transition rooted on climate justice. We’re pushing hard because this moment, right here, is our chance to drive home the urgency for a sustainable, equitable future. Our leaders can make big moves for climate justice at COP28 and beyond, and we are amped to demand them more!

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Power Up actions

We launched a worldwide powerful month of actions with Power Up. And wow, did it make waves! We kicked off #PowerUp when the fossil fuel industry made public the news about yet another round of their crazy profits – because, seriously, enough is enough! We are demanding climate solutions that prioritize people over profit and can weather heat waves and wildfires.

Starting on November 3-5, citizens, activists, and groups in over 200 locations spanning 63 countries – from Argentina to Zanzibar – linked arms in solidarity. These events were not just gatherings; they were a global call for action on climate change, demanding more investments on renewable and immediate solutions rooted in social justice.

That kickoff was just the beginning of this drumroll leading up to COP28, and actions keep happening all around! Here are just some highlights:

Check more highlights here!

Don’t finance EACOP

On November 20, a global day of action saw activists joining forces from Africa to Europe and North America, in resistance against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). By now we all know, it is the pipeline project, aimed at transporting crude oil from Uganda to Tanzania coast for export.

Calling on financial institutions like SINOSURE, China Exim Bank, and ICBC, the activists urged them to listen to the concerns of the frontline communities and cease support for this project.

The day also served as a platform to denounce violent attacks on activists who are advocating for more sustainable and cleaner energy alternatives.

One to Watch

Thousands of people from Lamu to New Orleans came together to ignite our Global Power Up month of action early in November – and the energy is still buzzing.

Communities worldwide are raising their voices for climate solutions, and there are so many cool events still happening that we’ll continue to share. From friend groups to big coalitions, everyone’s rallying for a future powered by clean energy, justice and human rights.

Let’s keep the momentum rolling!

Use Your Power

We’re on a mission for a world powered entirely by renewable energy, waving goodbye to coal, oil and gas. Join us by signing the petition urging leaders at COP28 in Dubai to triple renewable energy by 2030, in line with the crucial 1.5ºC target – with wider action from rich nations for fairness.

With just a few days till the conference, let’s show our strength against the fossil fuel lobbyists by adding your name and sharing this petition far and wide. Your signature counts in paving the way for a cleaner, fairer future for us all!


We’ve just launched a goldmine of info right before COP28. Our focus? A global renewable energy target that keeps our planet’s temperature rise under 1.5ºC from pre-industrial times, with solutions that are rooted in justice.

The report “Power Up for Climate Justice: Financing and Implementing a Global Renewables Target” is a game-changer. .

In the report, you’ll find lots of important data, information and analysis that can help you talk about why a rapid and just transition is more crucial than ever:


Quote of the month

“Activists need to be in the room where the decisions are being made. We need the people in power to listen to us — the generation that will inherit their decisions.”― Xiye Bastida, Mexican activist


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