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The Global Power Shift gathering was a catalyst for the development of the NGO that I had recently founded, Asociación Biodiversa. 10 years down the line, we have contributed to raising awareness, motivating and upskilling hundreds of young people and adults in topics ranging from climate justice to nature connection, climate mitigation and adaptation and, more recently, greening international youth work.

Global Power Shift is definitely an event to be remembered. Aside from the work with my NGO, as a freelance eco-trainer I still use today some of the tools and methods that I discovered there. So many years after I still feel deeply thankful for having been given the opportunity of being there. 

Happy GPS anniversary!

Asociación Biodiversa is an NGO that works with environmental education for young people and adults. Some of our educational programmes are around climate justice and climate mitigation and adaptation.

Me with 2 friends at the event, Location: Istanbul, Turkey, Year: 2013. Image credit: Esther Vallado.


Me in one of the workshops during the event, Location: Istanbul, Turkey, Year: 2013. Image credit: Esther


The crowd at the event, during the kick-off, Location: Istanbul, Turkey, Year: 2013. Image credit: taken from the GPS website.


Me 10 years after, at Biodiversa’s office (the ENGO that I created), still wearing the GPS bracelet. Location: Gijón, Asturias, Spain, Year: 2023. Image credit: Esther Vallado.

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