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The COVID-19 crisis is gripping the world.  People are losing loved ones, and the economic strain is rippling through communities, hitting the most vulnerable hardest.

We’re caring for our communities as best we can – but many of us also find ourselves stuck indoors, looking for new ways to build resilience so we can come out of this crisis into a more just and sustainable world.

For some, organizing is a big part of getting there. So we wanted to highlight some tools – all accessible online – that can help you learn about climate activism and spark thinking on how you can organize your own community to make change once restrictions loosen.


Movements for racial, gender, migrant, economic and climate justice are all coming together now to discuss how to respond to this moment in a way that will stop looming climate catastrophe. Here’s just a sample of past and upcoming online webinars to check out – soon we’ll launch an extensive list, so be sure to check back.

  • COVID-19, climate & migration | Climate and Migration Coalition
    April 16 at 3pm CET | Info and registration
  • Women & Girls Leading Climate Justice | Skoll World Forum
    Recording here from April 3
  • Messaging the Crisis | New Economy Organisers
    April 14th at 4pm CET | Register here
  • A Just Recovery from COVID-19 | 350.org |
    Tentative April 17 – sign up here to stay updated
  • Mutual Aid in Practice | New Economy Organisers
    April 28 5:30pm CET | Apply here

Short Online Courses to Skill Up

Screenshot from the “How Social Movements Win” skill-up. It takes 20 minutes to complete.

At 350.org we’ve got a series of interactive online courses you can do on your own time from home. Topics include Having Climate Conversations, Introductory and Advanced Campaigning, Fracking, Divestment and more. Sign up for Online Skill-Ups

Organizing: Base-building, Actions, Media & more..

Are you just getting in to organizing but wondering how to build your team? What about how to write press releases that’ll attract journalists’ attention? Need some creative action ideas for your group, or tips on how to nail down your longer-term strategy? The 350.org Trainings Site for Organizers has resources on all these topics and many others.

Power Mapping can help teams identify winnable campaign targets.

Examples include: Creating Powerful Actions with Strong Action Logic, Media 101, Getting more people involved using the Ladder of Engagement, How to Take Quality Photographs, Power Mapping and more.

Remember: not all of these tools and action ideas are adapted to physical distancing requirements yet. But they’ll all give you plenty of ideas for how to get ready to organize big once in-person meetings are permitted again. You can already start preparing via online meetings…

Leading Groups Online

Created in response to the pandemic, this new booklet helps anyone who’s new to facilitating online meetings and events. It’s got 10 guiding principles and introduces tools and answers question to help you facilitate at a distance like a pro. Download the e-book or purchase a copy. 

And if you find yourself hosting groups often, check out the Facilitation section of 350.org’s Trainings Site. It’s got lots of ideas and exercises to help groups operate well together: from Games and Energizers, to advice on how to Help Groups Make Decisions and ways to help groups Welcome Diversity.

More Reading: Climate Resistance Handbook

The September 20, 2019 global Climate Strike, in Indonesia.

Looking for some reading material? With a foreword from Greta Thunberg, this handbook was created in the wake of the first youth Global Climate Strike in 2019. It’s full of stories of climate warriors from around the globe and through history, sharing knowledge and practical ideas on how to be a more effective activist.  Download the e-book or purchase a hard copy 

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